Core ValU™ Workshop

Core values are both a compass and a beacon for restaurant brands. They guide you through troubled times and tough decisions. They act as a beacon to draw guests and talent to join your team. Now a lot of restaurants say they know their core values on the surface. Surface solutions are rampant in this industry. You put up some cool words like integrity, hospitality, and team on a poster or in an employee handbook and then you think that you can check core values off your list.

Let's get real. That is believing you core values will be absorbed by osmosis. Just because you wrote them down does not mean your staff is going to pick them up and apply them. You see there is more to developing core values then picking out words you think are valuable. Core values have to be carefully selected based on the values inside you the owner, operator, and chef that run the brand. Core values become a mirror of how you are. They are the human element of your brand. Core values are an living embodiment that becomes a compass for decision making, for hiring, for marketing, for daily operations. They are critical for long term success. If you have more than one location, then they are a non-negotiable! You must not only know your core values, you need to live them and get your team to own them too.

This is a powerful 4 module course. In the Core ValU™ Workshop I'll take you through a step-by-step process to uncover your real core values and not just those surface values that have no chance to survive in your culture.

Lesson One: What Are Core Values

Lesso Two: Your Values List

Lesson Three: Your Restaurant's Values

Lesson Four: Getting Team Buy In

Lesson Five: Core Values In Action