Restaurant Success Series

The Restaurant Success Series and it it perfect for restaurants that are looking for a solid foundation before they launch and also for those restaurants that might need a little guidance to get back on track to success and profitability. Solid foundations are critical to both building a house and building a business.

Trust me. When I opened my first restaurant I knew how to be a chef and run a restaurant. I had no clue how to build a business. I was lucky to find a business mentor who took me in and taught me how to go from being a restaurant operator to a business owner. I made a lot of mistakes and I took those lessons that have become the basis for my restaurant coaching program. I would like to help you bypass a lot of the pain and anxiety I endured those first couple years.

The Restaurant Success Series are the four keys you'll need to set yourself up for success. This is a four lesson course that will lay the ground work for other courses at The Restaurant Coach University and help you either start on the right track or get back to the right track.

In lesson one we'll discuss the 7 keys to restaurant success. Some of these are not fully considered before many open and it's time we talked about some things that might make you uneasy.

In lesson two we're going to go right into food cost and and have a clear understanding why it is the bedrock of profitability. We'll also talk about the 40 thieves of food cost and how to avoid them from stealing your profits.

Lesson three we look at one of my favorite topics and that is your menu. Specifically how menu design and engineer your menu can impact your bottom line. Did you know that a new menu design can stimulate sales about 5%? Did you know that a properly engineered menu can increase your profits 15% or more?

And finally in lesson four we are going to talk about modern restaurant marketing and some ways to create a buzz in your market. We'll discuss the 10 keys to successful restaurant marketing, the 4 P's of marketing and the Big 3 Social Media channels you must be one of you want to have any chance of using social media effectively.

So, of this sounds like a winning formula to get you restaurant on track just sign up for the course. Take advantage of this opportunity to get some gold nuggets that can boost your branding and your profits.

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