ProScan® Behavioral Survey

We understand that behavior really does predict performance. That is why we use PDP a world leader in workforce research and development. Founded in 1978, PDP® solves one of management's toughest challenges, increasing performance and profitability through:




★Keeping and developing the right people.

The PDP® integrated hiring, management and development system evolved through statistically-based surveys of more than 3,000,000 people in thousands of organizations.

PDP®'s integrated applications for businesses optimize employees' professional growth to spur the corporation's effectiveness and, ultimately, profitability. Partner with PDP® the leading provider of results-oriented management systems for businesses today, and tomorrow.

People focused, data driven behavioral analysis uses a series of survey instruments that are the foundation of a sophisticated scientific system to measure each individual's behavioral traits and characteristics.

The basic building block is data from ProScan, a quick, simple and reliable personal survey that asks the subject to respond to key descriptive adjectives. Despite its apparent simplicity, ProScan is a sophisticated instrument that reveals considerable insight into the person's work style.

Of all your corporate assets, employees are the most valuable, tangible and hard to replace. Finding the right people, training them, motivating and retaining them is an ongoing challenge. In the world of work, employees are like the pieces of a puzzle. Successful organizations are the ones in which all the pieces fit.

For more than 27 years, Professional Dynametrics Programs has developed and applied research-based management tools that analyze human behavior in the workplace. These quick, accurate and reliable tools measure each person's strengths and work styles. With data identifying each employee's natural talents and stress factors, PDP's technology guides your organization in more effectively managing your people.

To help your organization succeed in today's business environment, We offer an integrated network of management consulting, training, facilitation and computer-based applications. We help companies:

★Define the human characteristics for a new position and help select the person that meets not just the experience, but the working style that is most likely to succeed in the job.

★Identify each individual's strengths, communication and working styles with 96+ percent accuracy.

★Apply employee profiles and PDP licensed technology to more effectively manage staff -- individually and in teams by understanding their natural abilities, needs and motivation.

★Build effective, balanced teams, and anticipate potential problem areas.

★Learn the most effective ways to apply the broad implications of understanding and managing your most precious resource, the people who make up your company.

When you know what makes your people tick, you're on track to having the organization run like clockwork.