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Donald Burns

Donald is The Restaurant Coach™, named one of The Top 30 Restaurant Experts to Follow in 2016 and 2017. He is the leading authority, speaker, and international coach on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming outstanding. He is a sought-after advisor in the areas of: leadership, branding, social media marketing, culture, operations, restaurateur mindset, team development, behavioral dynamics, productivity & peak performance. His first book Your Restaurant Sucks! Embrace The Suck. Unleash Your Restaurant. Become Outstanding. is set to be published November 2017.

His mission: Build your brand. Increase your profits. Strengthen your team.

Donald is the founder & CEO of Off The Range Ventures, LLC, a behavioral strength based company, that works exclusively in the hospitality industry. Through online courses/programs workshops, seminars and a coaching business model,  Off The Range Ventures, LLC creates solution based brands for the restaurant industry. He has 37 years experience in the restaurant industry as a restaurant owner, consultant, and as an executive chef for Wolfgang Puck. 

He is an industry expert for Foodable TV, Toast Restaurant Management Blog, In Credibly Small Business Blog, BevSpot, HotSchedules, Typsy, Nightclub and Bar, and Modern Restaurant Management, and is the host of The Restaurant Coach™ Podcast on iTunes and The Restaurant Coach™ Private Sessions on Anchor FM.

Other brands by Off The Range Ventures, LLC included: Restaurant Social +, Chef Branding Academy, The Restaurant Coach™, BadChef GoodChef Apparel Co., and The Chef Revolution.

 He is based in Albuquerque, NM.


“Donald really understands the hospitality landscape. As a Chef for a large food supplier, I often look to The Restaurant Coach™ to keep me on trend, find inspiration and to continue my own personal development”

Tim Maness, Shamrock Foods, Corporate Chef Colorado


“Your own self-limiting beliefs are what holds you back from achieving greatness.  A coach expects more from you than you expect from yourself.  Donald Burns is a coach that will tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it, give you a different perspective, and hold you accountable to push past mediocrity and excuses."

Chef Peter Sclafani, Author “Seasons of Louisiana", Owner of Celebrate Hospitality Group and co-founder of Ruffino’s Restaurants


“Calling Donald just a restaurant coach is like calling Michael Jordan just a basketball player!”

James Pecherski, Owner, Casa Taco


‘Donald helped us reshape our culture through coaching. That has transformed our brand, our team, and our profits to new levels. We now spend more time working on our business and enjoying being restaurant owners.”

Todd & Candy Sheets, Owners, Sno’s Seafood & Steak


“Donald has a way to make you stop and think about how you are running your restaurant.”

Juan Pablo Vidales, Owner, Michin Kitchen


“Coaching with Donald is like running your restaurant on rocket fuel!” 

Shawn Shenefield, Director of Operations, Upper Crust Pizza


"Get cutting edge tools, techniques, tips and straight talk from the world's leading restaurant coach. Donald Burns has a reputation for the unique programs and methods he uses to create dramatic results for his clients. I needed change and wanted to improve my culture so I signed up for The Summit Club. It has helped me take my business and life to levels I did not think I could reach!"

Dan Palmer, Restaurant Owner


“Donald's solid, no bullshit advice is everything we needed to kick ourselves and our business into gear. He says the things no one else dares to say and holds you firmly accountable for the ways in which your business is failing, which in the end gives you the power to make things run better than you could ever have imagined, if you're willing to put in the hard graft. His advice comes from years of experience, which we only truly realized when we started putting some of the things he said into action. The results were clear from the get-go. So take Donald's advice, put it into action and we just know you'll see the benefits immediately. This guy knows his stuff.”

David Noble, Chef/Owner, Pallett, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland


"Once we worked out our core values with Donald, we used that as a platform to base everything on, from our menu design, hiring policy, and especially our social media which really focused our message, helping us to properly engage with our customers. He helped put together an action plan to tighten our systems and get our staff more productive. Just having Donald to bounce ideas off each week gave us the confidence to take Caravelle to the level we wanted it to be."

Zim Sutton, Caravelle, Barcelona, Spain


"Donald calls it as he sees it. He's not afraid to call you out on your BS but he does it with integrity, class, and gets you to reach your full potential. He won't accept anything less. He's one of a kind and has a passion for building better restaurants. Don't be one of the restaurants that suck and risk being put on the chopping block - stand out from your competitors by reading this book! You need to listen to this guy!"

Andrew Carlson, Speaker, Restaurant Coach, & Author of "Customer Service is the Bottom Line”