How To Become a Badass Leader

leadership Feb 03, 2017

Originally posted on Foodable TV Network on November 22, 2016

By Donald Burns, Foodable Industry Expert

When the topic comes up about, most people will easily say they are a leader. The cold, hard truth is most are not. They simply like the concept of being a leader and the sound of it. (Come on, leader sound much more dynamic than being a manager.)

But leadership is not a title. It’s poetry in motion. It’s integrity. It’s all action. Everyone can be a leader. This bears repeating: Everyone can be a leader in your restaurant.

Leadership is, at its core, about taking personal accountability. It’s about doing exactly what you say you are going to do with no excuses. As soon as you start playing the excuse game, you have dropped from being a leader to being a victim. While we talk about being a true leader at our restaurants and businesses, few actually are.

Let’s explore how that happens. If you want to really become a leader, then be the best version you...

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From Restaurant Manager to Restaurant Leader: 10 Vital Steps

leadership Jan 31, 2017

Originally on Toast Restaurant Management Blog by Donald Burns on 11/4/15

Congratulations, you got the promotion! Whether that's because of your hard work, discipline and tenacity, or because in a heated battle the previous restaurant manager walked out, you are now in charge.

However, chances are, no one really trained you on how to be an effective restaurant manager. Many people in this predicament fall back on modeling the behavior of past managers they have worked with… good and bad. 

Act like those terrible managers from your past and you become like them. There is a better way. There should be a higher standard for restaurant managers to contribute to the culture of your restaurant and to lead the staff to higher goals of service, output, and positivity. 

Here are 10 steps to making the shift not only into management, but into leadership.

1. Take personal accountability.
From this day forward, you are responsible for the results you get. That’s...

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Why Your Restaurant Management Needs a Tune-UP

This post orginally appeared on Foodable TV Network, August 25, 2016

By Donald Burns, Foodable Industry Expert

Things move quickly in the restaurant industry, seemingly changing overnight. Faster and better seems to be the key for a lot of up-and-coming concepts. Adaptability ranks right up there with consistency for top-performing brands. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the consumer, you will quickly find yourself left behind. Improvements in technology and state-of-the-art equipment pushes our industry forward into the future. Yet, what about management techniques? Why has the industry not put in the same energy into improving its management skills?

If you read the current headlines, they say that restaurant turnover is high and the prospects to fill those openings are low. Maybe it’s because we cling to outdated management styles that our current workforce (Millennials) have a difficult time understanding or accepting. Times are changing. Let’s...

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