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Get cutting edge tools, techniques, tips and straight talk from the world's leading restaurant coach. Donald Burns is known for unique programs and methods that create dramatic results for his clients. When restaurant owners or chefs need change and success they call THE Restaurant Coach™. Are you ready to break free from the middle and escape the cult of average?

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My philosophy is that restaurants become better when the people in them become better. All RCU Courses are designed to build the three pillars of restaurant excellence.

Build Your Brand

We have courses designed to get your brand the foundation and the edge needed to truly stand out in the market. From discovering core values to understanding how to use social media effectively.

Strengthen Your Team

Restaurants function best when your team is dialed in. We have courses designed to grow your culture, attract better talent and how to maximize everyone's potential. Restaurant get better when the people in them become better!

Increase Your Profits

Courses at RCU are designed to help you increase your profits by making your team stronger in sales, communication and enhancing the guest experience. We also have courses that will assist you creating a strategic plan for growth and profitability.

Are You Running Your Restaurant or Is It Running You? 

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Leadership Coaching

Coaching turns managers into leaders. Improve communication skills, reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance teamwork, improve the guest and team experience...all these are benefits of a leadership coaching program that is customized for your restaurant.

The world's best leaders were simultaneously exceptionally talented, skilled, determined, and aware that they could be better. And they understood the value of a great coach to help them improve themselves. Great CEOs like Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Bill Gates all sought out great coaches to help them up their game.

“Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is a coach… to give them perspective. One thing others are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really really helps!” - Eric Schmidt

Understand Team Dynamics

When you are building your team, you will need to take into consideration the behavioral strengths of those you surround yourself with. Well-balanced teams need people that each have one of the cornerstone behavioral strengths as their natural strengths. The universe seeks balance. Your restaurant needs balance also. Leveraging behavior involves understanding your people at their core behavioral strengths. When behavior is understood and integrated, restaurants can maximize their potential. The ProScan® Behavioral Survey is key to improving communication, reducing conflict, increasing productivity, and enhancing leadership within your restaurant.

"Donald has a way to make you stop and think about how you are running your restaurant."

JP Vidales
Restaurant Owner

"Coaching with Donald is like running your restaurant on rocket fuel!"

Shawn Shenefield
Director of Operations

"“Calling Donald just a restaurant coach is like calling Michael Jordan just a basketball player!”"

James Pecherski
Restaurant Owner


Take a look at our course designed to solve the real issues holding restaurant's back from reaching their true potential.

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Restaurants become better when the people in them become better people. Investing in growing yourself and your team is the key to long term success for your brand.




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